Going to Park City is always fun, but you’ll want to figure out a transportation plan. Some tourists want their own car so that they’re in charge of when and where they go. Others prefer to avoid driving altogether. And let’s not forget that parking in certain areas can be quite a challenge. If you don’t want to drive, you might consider taking the Park City shuttle.

Shuttle Routes

Park City’s shuttle service has 12 different routes, including routes for Deer Valley Resort, Thaynes Canyon, and Kimball Junction, with a map for each one. 

There are also five routes run by High Valley Transit. These routes will be helpful for you if you’re going to Spiro, Gateway/Kamas Valley, Kimball Junction, Bitner, or Canyons Village. It’s free to ride the Park City Transit on any of these routes. 

How On-Demand Works

Park City Transit offers On-Demand services, where you can call and request a ride. You should call at least one hour before you want to be picked up. That will give you your best shot at finding an available transit vehicle to pick you up. You’ll be picked up in approximately 15 minutes if one is available. While the On-Demand service is free, it’s only available in specific zones:

  • To/From Hospital or Health Clinic
  • To/From N.A.C. or Ice Arena
  • To/From Park City Heights
  • Homestake Parking Lot

Additionally, you can only be taken from one location to another within the same zone. Park City Transit will tell you if an area isn’t in the same zone when you call. You can always get to another zone through another route. 

PC-SLC Connect

Many tourists want to visit Park City and Salt Lake City. Both cities have lots to offer! Because they’re in different counties, PC-SLC Connect was created to allow travelers to go back and forth between the two cities. 

Keep in mind that PC-SLC Connect is not free like Park City Transit is. But if you need to travel between counties and don’t have a car, it’s the best public transportation to get there. 

Track Your Shuttle

Perhaps the most stressful part of using a shuttle is worrying that you’ll miss it. Once it’s gone, you’ll have to wait until another shuttle arrives. You can use the Park City Bus Tracker to track the shuttle and when it will get to you. 

Park City Direct Shuttle

Taking a shuttle might sound ideal to you except for the other passengers. If you’re tired from a long travel day or shy around strangers, you might consider taking the Park City Direct Shuttle. We’re a private shuttle company that provides luxury rides. Our rates are based on what type of vehicle you select and how many people are traveling with you. You can conveniently book your shuttle ride on our website or contact us if you have questions. Park City Direct is here to transport you on your trip.