Dining in Park City can be a wonderful part of your experience if you know where to go for the best eats. But dining in Park City isn’t just about finding the right restaurant. You also need to know about reservations, wait times, parking, and more. Preparing for your dining out experience is key to having a great time! 

Today’s blog is all about preparing you for dining in Park City. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know for your Park City dining experience.


Unless you’re eating at a fast-food restaurant, you’ll want to make a reservation. Most restaurants offer online reservations through a third-party system. You can easily find the link with a quick Google search, and plug your information in to reserve your spot. 

Some restaurants also take over-the-phone reservations, although many require you to use their online system, as this allows them to focus on guests who are currently in the restaurant. 

Without a reservation, you might have difficulty getting a seat, especially at the most popular restaurants in Park City. Wait times can range from one to three hours during peak hours.

You’ll likely still have to wait for your table to be ready after making a reservation, but you’ll wait for 10 to 15 minutes instead of hours. So, make a reservation, and then come hungry!


The last thing you want to do is make a reservation but then miss it because you can’t find parking. Parking in Park City can be quite challenging since it’s limited. 

You can visit the Park City transportation website to find the parking lot closest to your restaurant. Still, you should have a backup plan because parking isn’t always available at the nearest location. We recommend giving yourself an extra 30 to 60 minutes to find parking and get to your restaurant reservation on time.

Another option is to take the Park City Shuttle or a private car service, so you don’t have to worry about parking. You’ll just need to get on the right shuttle to be on time for your restaurant reservation. That might be less stressful than looking for parking and possibly walking several blocks to get to your restaurant. 

Budget for Your Meals

You can get a cheap water bottle at the local 7-Eleven, but that’s just about the only place to get cheap food or drink in Park City. Because Park City is a major tourist attraction, prices can be exorbitant. And it works because tourists will pay the higher costs to enjoy a day (or night out) in the city. 

The best way to handle the higher prices when dining in Park City is to look at menu prices online so you’re not in sticker shock when you get to your restaurant. Don’t forget to calculate the tip, too. 

If you want to eat at a pricey restaurant, you can order water instead of a drink and skip the appetizer. You can even split a dish if the dishes are oversized and share a dessert if you have a sweet tooth. Don’t let the Park City prices prevent you from enjoying a nice meal out!

How to Choose a Restaurant

Don’t know what restaurants Park City has to offer? Do you want to find some hidden gems? We recommend asking any local friends what restaurants they recommend. They’ll likely have the best recommendations you can get. 

But you might not know anyone in Park City, and that’s okay! You can still find some great places to eat if you search for what you’re looking for and don’t mind scrolling through the results. 

We recommend filtering restaurants by mealtime, cuisine type, and restaurant features. For example, if you want a quiet dining experience, you won’t want to go to a bar, as it will be noisy and hard to carry on a conversation. Do you have kids with you? You’ll be more comfortable in a kid-friendly setting.

If you’re craving a burger, you won’t want to go to a breakfast place, as pancakes and eggs are more likely to be their specialty. They might serve burgers, but they probably won’t be the best in town. If you’re on vacation, you’ll want the best there is! 

Check for Seasonal Openings and Age Restrictions

Some restaurants are only open during the winter season. Other places only allow guests who are 21 or older. Check the restaurant’s website before you make a reservation to ensure that they’re open during the season and that everyone in your party can get in.

Want a drink but have kids? Don’t feel like you can’t enjoy something in moderation. You can find a kid-friendly restaurant that serves drinks. 

Check for Take-Out and Delivery Options

After a full day out on the town, you might want yummy food delivered to your hotel instead of visiting a restaurant. That’s understandable! In that case, we recommend searching for restaurants through local delivery services. 

Keep in mind that you might be waiting a while if you order during peak times as the restaurant has to prepare your food when you order it, and the delivery driver will need to navigate through traffic. They also might struggle to find your hotel or room number, so we recommend ordering early. 

Park City Direct Shuttle

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