Are you heading out to Utah for some fun in the snow this winter? Well, if you’re flying, you might be wondering if there’s a shuttle to Park City.
Most Park City visitors fly into the Salt Lake City airport and then head to their destination. While the slopes aren’t too far from the airport, you’re still going to need some transportation on which you can depend. Continue reading to learn more about your transportation options to and from the airport and the beautiful Park City, Utah.

Visiting Park City

Did you know that Park City gets over 600,000 visitors every year? That’s huge for such a small town! But with the greatest snow on earth, what else can you expect? After you fly into the airport, you can expect at least a forty-five-minute drive without traffic. If you’re traveling in the winter and snow, you may want to plan for a longer drive time since the roads may slow down as you get closer to the mountains.
When you visit Park City, you’ll find that there’s not much need for a car, as there is a free public transportation system that you’ll be able to utilize. If you’re staying at one of the larger resorts, you may also find that they have their shuttle service to and from downtown and the ski areas. So, whether you’re taking a quick weekend trip or you’re staying for the week, you might find that it’s more convenient and economical to book a ride to and from the airport instead of renting a car.

The Shuttle to Park City

Getting to and from the airport is necessary to research ahead of time. Unfortunately, there is no free shuttle service between the two destinations, but you still have plenty of options to book in advance or even as you arrive at the airport.
Truthfully, your best option would be to book your ride before you leave for vacation. Private shuttle service companies specialize in taking visitors back and forth between the SLC airport and Park City. You’ll find options from midsize sedans to luxury SUVs. If you’re traveling with your skiing and snow gear, booking a larger car ahead of time will be the best-guaranteed way to get an excellent rate for a vehicle that caters to your needs.
You will also have the option of using a rideshare app; however, these options have proven to be more expensive due to surge pricing. There’s also no guarantee that a large enough car will be available once you arrive.

Park City Direct is Ready to Serve You 

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